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Guidance Systems and Directional Drilling Applications

Professional and proficient in the operation of every type and size rig

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Committed To Getting The Job Done Right

Since 1993, Centerline Directional Guidance Systems, Inc. has provided Tensor Magnetic Guidance Systems for use in horizontal directional drilling applications.


We carry 2 complete sets of High-Resolution Probes as well as 2 complete sets of Surface Gear. Centerline has a Certified Mud Technician on staff should your project specifications require.

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Areas of Expertise

We use Tensor Magnetic Guidance Systems for Horizontal Directional Drilling Applications*.

Guidance Systems


Mud Motors

Drill Pipe Spiders

Crimps/Crimp Tools

Pull Back Swivels

Sonde Housing

Heat Shrinking

Non-Mag Drill Collars

Jetting Assemblies

Hole Openers/Reamers

Crossover Subs

*Horizontal Directional Drilling Applications (HDD) is a process used to install underground utility infrastructures such as water, sewer, gas, and powerlines. The process involves drilling a pilot hole along the desired path, then enlarging the hole to accommodate the product line. HDD is an efficient and cost-effective alternative to traditional trenching methods and can be used in a variety of environments including urban areas, sensitive natural habitats, and remote locations. HDD has become increasingly popular in recent years due to its many benefits and is now considered the preferred method for installing many types of underground infrastructure.


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Wireline & Guidance Systems

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Collaborating With All Teams To Ensure We Get The Best Results.

Tell us what you need. Consultation and communication ensure all necessary details are included before beginning a project. Contact us to discuss your projects today.

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Get The Job Done Right

At Centerline Directional, we don’t boast about how much we’ve drilled. How much we’ve drilled or where we’ve drilled doesn’t get your bore done today. We know where we’ve been and where you want to go. You need a guidance company to get you from entry to exit in the shortest time possible and on target the first time!

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Tensor Magnetic Guidance Systems for Horizontal Directional Drilling Applications

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